Wave Hub is a conceptual cartography that unfolds both two-dimensionally on the floor and three-dimensionally in space: it takes the form of an installation of sculptures and technical drawings.

The work references the experimental Anglo-Saxon project ‘Wave Hub’, a marine system of buoys and robots with the aim of making electricity from the waves of the ocean.  Although the Wave Hub energy project can be read as a response to the ecological crisis, I think that any real cure could not take the form of a further decentralization of the means of energy production.

I see this installation at the crossroads of different fields, scientific and artistic, exploring a new way of storytelling. A «potential map» of a territory where different energy technologies are grouped together. Forms produced in the light of current renewable energies rub shoulders with landscape lines that evoke our territories.

An installation that reveals projects, which currently only exist in the form of prototypes, little publicized, and which are intended to populate our territories. Like dots on a map, they put into perspective our relationship to the environment and to technologies.