My art has been at the crossroads of different practices like sculpture, sound work and performance. Experimentation with different materials is an ongoing source of inspiration, leading me to make sculptures in marble and wood as well as carpets, clay, concrete and soap. Collaboration and exchange play an important role in my work, which is why I often collaborate with other artists and organize workshops in sound and performance for children and adults.


Cartography and architecture keep finding their way into my practice. Because of this, I have sometimes seen my work as a way of speculative mapping: finding different ways to conceptualise the world around us. At the crossroads of different fields, scientific and artistic, I’m developing new form of storytelling : a «potential map» of a territory where different energy technologies, landscapes and architectures come together, an interior design environment where tales dialog with our living spaces, where contemporary problematics appear by means of a new visual language. Many of my compositions are taken from descriptions of real or imagined places. Through models, sculptures, textiles and videos, the stories I tell first appear in the form of maps, plans and annotations before developing in space.


Education :


2013/2015 : Master degree, École des beaux-arts de Bordeaux

2012/2013 : Bachelor degree, École des beaux-arts de Bordeaux


Residencies :


- Danse Aveugle, UP, Saint-Gilles, Belgium, 2021

- Danse Aveugle, Tour à Plomb, Brussels, Belgium, 2021

- Danse Aveugle, Brass, Forest, Belgium, 2021

- Danse Aveugle, DSXL, Pantin, France, 2020

- Door residency, Magazijn De Dood, Zaandam, Netherlands

- "En route pour Iter", Area 42, Brussels, Belgium, 2018

- "Aldilladelemura", Sotto la ­tengenziale, Rome, Italy, 2016

- "Stop City, Mimar Sinan", ­Istanbul, Turkey, 2015

- "Visual Mark", University of Western Macedonia, Florina, Greece, 2015

- « Woodpecker », Le bol d’art, La Force, France, 2014

- "Si par hasard au pont des arts", Pont des arts, Marcillac Vallon, France, 2013


Exhibitions :


- Spread zinefest, Het resort / SIGN, Groningen, Netherlands, 2021

- Iron John, Magazijn De Dood, Zaandam, Netherlands, 2021

- Danse Aveugle, Tour à Plomb, Brussels, Belgium, 2021

- Mur en suspend et autres ­météores, Gallerie st catherine, Rodez, France, 2019

- Départ pour Iter, Area 42, ­Brussels, Belgium, 2018

- Début de saison, Le Faire, Brussels, Belgium, 2017

- Le Tapis la coquille la dame et l’étoile, Saloon, Brussels, Belgium, 2017

- Stop City, Gallery Lafayette, Bordeaux, France, 2015

- The Man Who Sold The World, Fête du Fleuve, Bordeaux, France, 2015

- Le Profusionnisme, l’Asile, Bordeaux, France, 2013

- Zone limite: l’embuscade, le Garage Moderne, Bordeaux, France, 2012


Workshops :


- Crazy Fiction, Labolobo, Brussels, Belgium, 2019

- Real Motion, Brussels Academy of Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium, 2019

- Classe patrimoine, Collège Paul Esquinance, La Réole, France, 2018

- Stage d’été, Atelier 34zéro Muzeum, Brussels, Belgium, 2018